Scottish Gaelic Translation

Scottish Gaelic translation is a service of ever increasing demand after a renewed interest in learning Scotland’s native language from Scot’s both at home and abroad. For many it is a real awakening to discover that Scotland has it’s own language. For Gaelic translators, this means a lot more work.

Most Gaelic translation requests are small, things like:

  • Tattoo wording.
  • Wedding band engravings.
  • Family mottos.
  • Slogans.

More in depth Gaelic translation requests include:

  • Business documents.
  • Simultaneous translations (during meetings for example).
  • Websites.
  • Transcripts.

We hope you take a keen interest in Scottish Gaelic beyond that of translating a few words. It is a beautiful language that is an important part of Scottish culture.

Scottish Gaelic Translator Wanted

At this time we don’t have a Scottish Gaelic translation service sponsoring this section of our website. If you know of a translation service that may be interested let them know about Save Gaelic.

Scottish Gaelic Translation – Not Irish

Scottish Gaelic is not the same as Irish Gaelic. Irish is a very similar however the two languages are distinct so an Irish translation is not a substitute for a Scottish Gaelic translation.