Scottish Gaelic Names

Below we have listed some Scottish Gaelic names. Keep in mind that many names do not have a Gaelic equivalent, especially if they are not Scottish or Irish in origin. Also, because these a traditional, long standing names they can’t be spelled using alternate spellings as has become common in the English speaking world.

Note: Scottish Gaelic names often have the letter H added after the first letter and sometimes the letter I added near the end of a name, usually before the last vowel. This is called “lenition” which changes the pronunciation and is implemented when speaking to someone of that name. The spellings below are the standard Gaelic spellings without lenition.

Scottish Gaelic Names (First Names)

Alan – Ailean (m) Alec, Alex – Ailig (m)
Alice – Ailios (f) Ann, Anna – Anna (f)
Andrew – Anndra (m) Angus – Aonghas (m)
Archie – Eairdsidh (m) Arthur – Artair (m)
Barbara – Barabal (f) Bessie – Beasag (f)
Beth – Beathag (f) Betty – Beitidh (f)
Bridget – Brìghde
Calum, Malcolm – Calum (m) Catherine – Catrìona (f)
Cathleen – Caitlin (f) Charles – Teàrlach (m)
Chrissie – Criosaidh (f) Christine – Cairistìona (f)
Christopher – Crìsdean (m) Claire – Sorcha (f)
Colin – Cailean (m)
Danny – Dànaidh (m) David – Daibhidh (m)
Deirdre – Deirdre (f) Dolly – Doilidh (f)
Donald – Dòmhnall (m) Donnie – Donaidh (m)
Dougal – Dùghall (m) Douglas – Dùghlas (m)
Duncan – Donnchadh (m)
Edward – Eideard (m) Effie – Oighrig (f)
Elizabeth – Ealasaid (f) Ewan, Hugh – Eòghan (m)
Farquhar – Fearchar (m) Fergus – Fearghas (m)
Finlay – Fionnlagh (m) Flora – Flòraidh (f)
Gordon – Gòrdan (m) Graham – Greum (m)
George – Seoras (m)
Hector – Eachann (m) Helen – Eilidh (f)
Henry – Eanraig (m)
Iain – Iain (m) Isobel, Ishbel – Iseabail (f)
Ivor – Iomhar (m)
Jack, Jock – Seoc (m) James – Seumas (m)
Jane – Sìne (f) Janet – Seònaid (f)
Jessie – Seasaìdh (f) Joan – Seonag (f)
Johnny – Seonaidh (m) Jonathan – Eòin (m)
Joseph – Eòsaph (m) Julia – Sìleas (f)
Kate – Ceit (f) Katie – Ceitidh (f)
Kenna – Ceana (f) Kenneth – Coinneach (m)
Kieran – Ciaran (m) Kirsty – Ciorstaidh (f)
Lachlan – Lachlann (m)
Maggie – Magaidh (f) Magnus – Mànas
Margaret – Mairead (f) Mary – Màiri (f)
Mark – Marc (m) Marjory – Marsaili (f)
Marion – Mòr (f) Martin – Màrtainn (m)
Matthew – Mata (m) May – Màili (f)
Michael – Mìcheal (m) Morag – Mòrag (f)
Murdo – Murchadh (m)
Nancy – Nansaidh (f) Niall, Neil – Niall (m)
Norman – Tormod (m)
Patrick – Pàdraig (m) Paul – Pòl (m)
Peggy – Peigi (f) Peter – Peadar (m)
Rachel – Raonaid (f) Ranald, Ronald – Raghnall (m)
Robert – Raibeart (m) Roderick – Ruairidh (m)
Ruth – Rut (f)
Samuel – Somhairle (m) Sheila – Sìle (f)
Simon – Sìm (m) Steven – Steaphan (m)
Stewart – Stiùbhart (m) Susan – Siùsaidh (f)
Thomas – Tòmas (m) Torquil – Torcuil (m)
William – Uilleam (m)


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More about Scottish Gaelic Names

Just remember, not all English names translate into Scottish Gaelic names. Scottish Gaelic names are often quite old though you are probably aware of the English version of names originally from the Scottish Gaelic language.

If you have checked many Scottish Gaelic names lists with no luck, try Welsh or Irish Gaelic names as you ancestry may not in fact be Scottish. Scottish Gaelic is derived from Irish Gaelic so there are many name similarities.

By giving your child a Scottish name you are forever making them part of the rich history of Scotland. The name will be a a great source of pride. Names have been an important part of Scottish history since we have a tradition in our clan system which was heavily reliant on our names to make associations. Although the clan system was almost completely lost, our Scottish names will forever retain our link to our ancestors clans.

If you do give your child a Scottish name or if you have one yourself we urge you to learn the traditional pronunciation. It seems to be common these days to pronounce long standing names with some new (incorrect) pronunciation to make them seem more unique. This is a betrayal. Stay true to the ancestry of Scottish names.