Learn Scottish Gaelic

The following resources are great starting points for anyone who wants to learn how to speak Scottish Gaelic. Learning Gaelic is by far the most effective step anyone can take to help preserve the future of the language.

Basic Scottish Gaelic

Want to learn a little bit of Scottish Gaelic? Check out our Basic Scottish Gaelic page to learn the alphabet, numbers, place names in Gaelic, times and more!

Scottish Gaelic Names

People often want to know what their name is in Gaelic. take a look at our Scottish Gaelic Names page and see if your name is there!

Gaelic College in Scotland

Did you know there is a College in Scotland that teaches our Gaelic? Our Gaelic College page has more information on this amazing place – they even offer distance learning!

Gaelic Learning Materials

We have a list of online stores where you can buy books, audio and video materials to help you learn how to speak Scottish Gaelic. Check out our Gaelic Learning Materials page for the list.