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Did you know:

  • A total of 58,652 people in Scotland can speak Gaelic.
  • A total of 92,396 people have some Gaelic language ability.
  • There are over 46 million minority language speakers in Europe.

Learn Scottish Gaelic

Learning Scottish Gaelic has become very popular in Scotland with the new initiatives and Government support for revitalising the language. Check out our Learn Scottish Gaelic page for more resources.

Scottish Gaelic Organiations

There a many organisations in Scotland and around the world set-up to promote Gaelic and the Gaelic culture that surrounds it. Our Scottish Gaelic Organisations page has information on the leading groups.

Scottish Gaelic Events

Scottish culture has always included gatherings as a way of bringing people together and in that tradition there are some great Gaelic events in Scotland and around the world. See our Scottish Gaelic Events page for the biggest and best.

Scottish Gaelic Translation

Looking for a translation service? Our Scottish Gaelic Translation page features our currently recommended service for English-Gaelic translation.

History of Scottish Gaelic

How much do you know about the origins and usage of Scottish Gaelic through the centuries? Well, our History of Scottish Gaelic page will start your journey into the language’s interesting past.