Scottish Gaelic translator wanted

Can you speak Scottish Gaelic at a professional level? Are you a native speaker of Scottish Gaelic? If so then you may be able to offer English to Scottish Gaelic translation service.

Our Scottish Gaelic translation page receives a lot of visitors each month from people looking to have simple translations done, both English to Gaelic and Gaelic to English. Most translation requests are for:

  • Mottos.
  • Text for tattoos.
  • Text for engravings.
  • Sayings.
  • Family crests.

As you can see, most requests are for very small translations. However, we suggest that anyone offering a translation service charge a fee, even for very small requests. It is entirely up to you of course; however most people will understand there is a need to pay for a translation service. We charge any translator offering their services on our website a flat monthly fee of £40 paid in advance each month.

All you would need to provide such a service would be in email address and a PayPal account to accept payment. Both of these are free to set up and so you can be up and running in no time.

Note that you won’t be representing but yourself as an independent translator. Our website visitors will be referred to you as a third-party provider.

It is crucial that you are fluent in Scottish Gaelic and perhaps even a native speaker. Looking at the list above you can see that the people will use these translations in ways that are irreversible if they found to be incorrect. You need to be 100% confident in your ability to speak and translate Scottish Gaelic.

Interested? Then contact us to discuss our partnership.