Save Gaelic has been refreshed!

This week we refreshed the website with a fresh, new look. Also, because we plan to add a lot more content, this new design should allow the new site to be much more organised as the website grows.

Much of the new content will be planned around promoting Scottish Gaelic organisations and websites, whether they are in Scotland or around the world. There is a lot of energy dedicated to promoting the Scottish Gaelic language and we want to help bring these efforts to the fore. Together we can help build the momentum that is growing for the rejuvenation of the Gaelic language.

As has been the case since 2003 when we first launched the website, we will continue to publish our content in English since the people we target are English speakers who have an interest in Scottish Gaelic. The resources we provide will allow you to delve deeper into the Gaelic language itself. works more like a signpost pointing towards Gaelic’s most useful destinations.

If you would like to stay up-to-date with any additions and modifications to the resources found on our website then you may like to subscribe to our email newsletter, follow the Save Gaelic Twitter account or simply bookmark our website and come back and see what’s changed from time to time.