About us

Launched in August 2003, SaveGaelic.org is aimed at encouraging English speakers to take an interest in the Scottish Gaelic language.

Two of our most frequently asked questions is “why is the site in English” or “why isn’t there more Gaelic on the site?” Fair questions, but the point of this site is not to teach Scottish Gaelic. Rather it’s to raise interest and to point Scots Gaelic enthusiasts in the right direction in their hunt for resources.

You may have heard about the Save Gaelic forum which was once part of this website. Unfortunately it was decided to close the forum, despite it’s popularity. While a community of very good natured people helped it grow to over 1600 members it ended up being abused by people with their own personal agendas. The good vibes were lost and the administrator ran out of patience.

At this time the SaveGaelic.org website is hosted on webservers in the United States.

SaveGaelic.org does not receive any public funding and remains privately owned at this time.