Help Save the Scottish Gaelic Language

The website started back in 2003 and serves as a starting point for English speaking people who want to learn about the Scottish Gaelic language. Scottish Gaelic is one of six Celtic languages which include: Irish (Irish Gaelic), Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Manx, Breton and Cornish. Welsh is the only Celtic language not currently listed as endangered so there if plenty for us to do.

Saving Scottish Gaelic

Speaking Scottish Gaelic isn’t required for you to have an interest in seeing the language survive. Anyone who values unique cultures and their languages can appreciate the need to save the Scottish Gaelic language from extinction.

Believe it or not many people with Scottish ancestry are unaware that they are part of a culture with it’s own language. We hope this site encourages you to discover more about Scottish Gaelic, perhaps you’ll even learn to speak it yourself!

Want to Learn Some Gaelic?

Learning some Scottish Gaelic is the best way to help the language grow. We have a learn Gaelic page to help get you started on your journey with this beautiful language.

One of the great things about Gaelic is that there really isn’t any such thing as speaking too slowly. Most other languages require a certain tempo, especially tonal languages like those in some southeast Asian countries. In Gaelic, slow pronunciation is common – great news for beginners!